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Rare Heritage Breed Red Wattle Hogs

"Imagine well-marbled pork, boasting an award-winning taste, from a heritage breed of pig that is durable, resistant, and versatile. It might sound like a dream, but it’s not a figment of your imagination – meet the Red Wattle pig." Heritage breeds are not just living relics of agricultural history; they are reservoirs of genetic diversity, adaptation, and resilience. They’ve been bred over generations to withstand local conditions and diseases, and thus play a pivotal role in sustainable farming systems. Red Wattle pigs, in particular, with their hardy nature and superior foraging abilities, can contribute significantly to soil health and ecosystem regeneration. They are more than just a source of quality pork—they are integral components of a sustainable farming future." (*PJ Howland, Farmivore) 

We couldn't agree more! After working with several different heritage breeds the Red Wattle or Red Wattle Berk cross is a real standout across the board.

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We're really proud of our Heritage Hog Barn... click above to learn more about it!

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