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Our Signature Eggs are... All Natural 100%
FREE Range & Non-GMO

Thanks to Farmer Steve we are known for our delicious heritage eggs that come in all different shapes, sizes & colors.


Happy hens lay eggs with beautiful rich tasting yolks the color of sunshine!


An important part of regenerative agriculture our hens are out on the farm grazing our pastures from sunup to sundown. 

From Backyard to Farm... Story Hill Farm Store has a full line of non-gmo all natural Chicken Feed!

Our heritage eggs are so delicious that it's hard to keep them in stock, so you're more than welcome to give Farmer Steve a shout at 302.439.8200 so see what we have in stock. He handles all of our eggs sales and can answer all of your questions.. We only work with heritage breed chickens on the Livestock Conservation list such as Golden Wyandotte, Australorp, Barred Rock, Rhode Island Reds to name a few. Story Hill Farm also sells all natural, non-gmo and soy free chicken feed varieties such as starter, grower, layer and we have scratch and multi-flock feed. If you have a "lot" of  beaks to feed we've still got you covered we have bulk feed quantities, also available. 

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