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Story Hill Farm Structures

Story Hill Farm has engineered, and hand builds its top-notch quality run in sheds that are light weight and extremely durable.  We take pride in being able to provide a quality product that can fit the needs of all types of farms from small to large.  Our structures provide your animals with quality shelter all times of year from wind and rain to heat and sun.  We understand the safety concerns and care that you want to provide for your farm animals. 


Story Hill Farm Structures are engineered to be able to be moved once on site.  Our rugged continuous runners span the entire length of the structure to provide a solid foundation, but also double as ‘runners’ so you can move your structure on property. This is feature sets us apart from our competitors because most other sheds are “portable” only up until the point that they are delivered.  With our feature it allows farms to practice rotational grazing methods and regenerative agriculture practices all while being affordable and most importantly, dependable.  


Our sheds feature quality craftsmanship that allows you to feel confident in the safety and security of your animals.  Our 26G metal roofing and siding comes with a 30-year manufacturer warranty that is committed to excellence.  Your choice of over 20 different color combinations for the roof, walls, and trim. Inside you will find kick prevention from the ground all the way up to 54” high inside. We engineered all of the vertical points of contact with 3/16” aluminum brackets to prevent any possibility of rusting, along with being lightweight and adding durable dependable strength and stability of the structure. Our galvanized eye hooks located on the end of the runners allow for easy access for you to securely fasten a chain for easy movement of the structure anywhere on the property.  With the durability and strength of our structures they require zero site prep prior to delivery, again saving you time and money.  


Story Hill Farm is dedicated to providing quality handcrafted American made products that are made right here by us at our farm in Frankford DE. We take pride in each and every build we do to make sure we deliver only the most affordable and dependable structures. We specialize in taking time to work with our customers to guarantee a quality experience.

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