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Story Hill Farm Events Calendar

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U-Pick IS OPEN in the Roxana Meadow: $18 +
Visit the Story Hill Farm to pick flowers. Stop into the Story Hill Farm Store located at 
34545 Winding RD Frankford DE 19945 to buy your ticket. Take your bucket & scissors to the meadow then return to the Flower Bar in the barn to wrap them and choose a ribbon! We offer group rates, just give us a call at 302-725-8200 to check field conditions. We ask that everyone be respectful as this is a habitat for pollinators first and for our enjoyment second! We will have sunflowers, Gladiolas, Lisianthus and brand new breeds of Zinnia from the Floret Collection in colors you've never seen before!  We also offer a DIY Build Your Own Bouquet Bar in the Story Hill Farm Store! 

Amazing Flower Field Adventure! Pick Flowers & Explore the Meadow. Learn all about Wildflowers & Pollinators $40 
Each adventure is one of a kind! Slip into long pants and your farm shoes and step out into this spectacular field of flowers in bloom! Learn all about wildflower meadows and the beautiful butterflies and other pollinators that call this sanctuary home! Together we'll wander through the meadow picking armfuls of the best blooms in your favorite colors to take home. Beverages included.  
Limited number personal tours are available so reach out to Helen at 302-725-8200 to schedule yours!
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Herbal Tea Blending Workshop
Grab your favorite people and join us at Story Hill Farm in our new Loft Space!
Create you own custom herbal tea blends! In this fun workshop, you'll learn about different herbs and how to mix them for delicious and healthy teas to drink year round cold or hot.
Roll up your sleeves and experiment as we combine flavors and discuss the properties of various botanicals herbs, petals and roots. Plenty of tea to sip and goodies to snack on throughout from the tea bar served from our "lost" vintage china collection. 
Document your custom teas and embellish a sweet little box to them home in or style as a hand made gift worth giving. 
Whether you want a relaxing activity with your besties, or to boost your wellness, this is a hands-on way to connect with herbs. Get blending and discover new tea creations

May 29th 10:30 to 11:30 Limited to 8 Seats. 
Reach out to
Helen to reserve at 302-725-8200 or to schedule
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Welcome to the Loft at Story Hill Farm - a cozy, inspiring hub where the fields meet the kitchen, and the joy of making is always in season. This reimagined space is more than just a classroom or a workshop; it's a place to explore, experiment, and experience the magic that happens when raw ingredients become nourishing creations.
Whether you're a seasoned home cook, a budding crafter, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of handmade goods, the Loft invites you to join us on a journey of discovery. Here, you'll find an ever-evolving lineup of hands-on classes, interactive demos, and community gatherings that will help you connect more deeply with the bounty of the farm.
The Loft at Story Hill aims to complete the loop - guiding you from field to table, and beyond. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the seasons, learn new skills, and celebrate the simple pleasures that come from working with your hands.
Come and celebrate with us in our new space, where you can make, cultivate and create a deeper appreciation for the land and the practices that bring our community to life. We can't wait to welcome you through our doors, where inspiration and connection flourish in equal measure.

Reach out to Helen302-725-8200 for reservations and scheduling.
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